The Run The Streets Worthing Half Marathon is run on a fully closed road course. We take a minimal approach to road closures with 6 miles of the course reopened by 11.00am and 4 miles of that by 10.30 with steward managed crossing points. Through thoughtful and mindful design the entire course fits into a 2.3 mile wide X 670 metre deep rectangle, pretty much unheard of in any UK town based half marathon!

Although you will see signs in town stating 08.00 – 13.00 these refer to the overall closure times. Some roads are as short as 35 mins of runners on them and will be fully stewarded. If you are concerned regarding access please use the contact us page with:

– Address affected (Please give the house number so I can be specific)
– Time/Details you require access or as close as possible
– Mobile/Home Number if you would like a phone call to talk through slowly so I fully understand your concerns and needs
Emergency services are not affected and all roads are fully accessible throughout the event. If you have care services please ask them to contact me so I can email details to them if required.
If you prefer please call Richard on 07848 977 928 or text him and he will call back so no cost to you.

The earlier you can contact me the better.


Part there of 08.00 – 13.00 – Sunday 9th February 2020.
50% of closures are 1 hour 30 mins or less of live closure. The rest of the time is steward managed and you are free to move around of deemed safe to do so.


1. Residents Map 
This is being delivered to 7500 properties south of the A259 the week of the event

2. Street Timing sheet
Timing sheet of each junction to watch the action or plan your day. The list goes in the direction of travel from the start to the race.